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Adoption Process

At K-9 For Love we are always looking for the best possible homes for our dogs. Before heading to a fur-ever home, our dogs receive vet care, love, socialization, depending on their needs, situat, etc. We make sure the dog goes into a loving home where he will be considered part of the family. In order to do that we ask that you help us in following the proper steps as listed below, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

The Adoption Process:
1. Come and meet your potential new family member. This can either be at our adoption events at Petsmart or private adoption events we hold , or you can arrange an appointment where everyone can meet. This is extremely important, as it is essential to see how the dog reacts to you and your family members, as well as other pets.
2. After meeting the dog(s) you must fill out our Screening Questionnaire. This questionnaire will help us determine if the pet you have chosen is the right one for you. IT IS IMPORTANT YOU ANSWER EVERY QUESTION TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.
3. After you have met the dog(s), we please ask that you go home and consider whether adopting this dog would be right for you and your family. We all tend to get "caught up in the moment". If at any point you decide not to go through with the adoption, we understand, sometimes it's just not the "right time." In that case please do not hesitate to call and let us know.
4. Now we review your application, check references, and make all appropriate phone calls and/or a house check. If everything seems to be right, and the "review committee" feels comfortable we will proceed with signing an Adoption Contract.
5. At this point, if everything has gone well we will proceed with the contractual agreement. Before leaving the dog you must have all supplies on hand , vet records, etc.
6. Now the dog is finally yours and part of a family he/she has always deserved. If you have reached this point, reassure yourself that you have made the right decision as we feel that we have also. We will be keeping in touch and be available via phone or email for every questions you may have.

This whole process may take a day or it may take a week. Please bear with us as we are all busy and are volunteering our time. In the mean time, please take time to consider everything very carefully. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are here to make this process easy on you and our dogs. 

  • Where can I adopt a dog?
    Visit us every Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm at PETCO store in Kendall, FL.

  • Pet Adoption

    We would like to hear from you and your family after you adopted a dog from us. Please send us a photo or share your story in our Facebook Page. Thank you!!