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How you can volunteer with us

At K9 for Love we are always looking for all types of different volunteers. We definitely have jobs that suit your interest and are in the best interest of the dogs as well. We make it fun too!

Some of these activities include:

  • Phone Calls
  • Transporting Dogs
  • Fundraising, Networking and help with Events
  • Bathing/Feeding/Walking dogs
  • Petsmart Adoptions onsite
  • Home visits


Foster a dog
By allowing us to temporarily place a K-9 For Love dog in a foster home (you), you save a life of a dog that once had no chance. Foster care consists of providing a safe, loving environment for a dog until a permanent loving home is found. The time involved can range from 1 week to months. Fostering is something that should be considered by all family members and has just as much responsibility as adopting a dog.

If interested please download our FOSTER APPLICATION

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